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(I'm still stuck at designing what my game will do. Then I need to figure out how it's going to do it, then when I'm going to do that)
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I am useless but enjoy posting, so here I am. Also: I can't remember if you've answered this question before, but I was wondering if your username is a reference to Balduran, of Baldur's Gate backstory fame. Is it?

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I'm similarly un-accomplished, yet I force myself to work at least 10 minutes a day.

My day job is a pornographer superhero.

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(no real quoting because of journal bug :<)

ArchWizard: no, it's not. My Real Name™ is Baldur Karlsson. Figure it out from there. (for reference, Balduran isn't the normal spelling of the name, it's Baldur or Baldr :)).

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