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Resource Manager Design

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Things go slowly.
OCD is a bitch at times, heh, I spent most of tuesday afternoon for example refreshing 3 web pages every few mins *chuckles*

Anyways, I'm producing a very long document right now, detailing my thoughts and ideas... I've got some intresting ones inspired by stuff I've read in GPG and drawing on the policy system from Modern C++ Design and other such tomes.

I'm also going to UML the fsck out of this thing *chuckles*, I've already got one diagram for the basic setup and more will be added.

The question becomes, do I want to share this all here OR do I want to formally write it up as a multi-part gamedev article.

The problem with the latter is I don't want to put myself forward as a design guru, more as a 'this is one way to attack and think about the problem' with some formal design stuff I picked up last year.

Of course, todo the article I'd want to get it finished completely so there is a full series ready to go, because nowt annoys me more than an article series which doesn't finish properly and just 'stops' as the author ran out of steam/ideas/time.

This isn't a huge problem as I've got a summer to work on stuff but it does leave me a bit dry for journal content. So, I could post it here in bits and pieces, but then it wouldn't be as 'usefull' as a formal article in my opinion.

So, what to do? what to do?
I like the idea of making a formal article, so I might well take that route and just do my normal "I'm distracted" thing to fill my journal with stuff every now and then.

So, what do we think people? A multi-part article or a slow and confusing stream of thoughts placed in journal form?
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Recommended Comments

All of the above. It will be interesting to see the rough notes and general thought processes of what you are doing. You dont need to write the entire portion of what will make it into the final article, just the interesting snippets and general overviews.

I also think you should make a proper lucid well written article that will not get buried by future posts and can be comfortably and easily accessed, stored and or printed out. Finally, although it is quite annoying to find series that never finish, I think you should release one by one - the ones that are released will be useful to someone. And those who are waiting do not need to wait for what may seem forever with risks of losing interest. It is better to have some articles than none at all. Especially if they are unique. And really it is not so much annoyance than wistfulness (I wish there was more!) that will be the invoked emotion from an unfinished series of articles.

I feel if you dont release periodically and try to compile and release all at once you make it more difficult for yourself to complete the entire work as it sits there known only to you and shared with none. You may also lose motivation to complete the entire series that way as well as the project grows large and you begin to sicken from it and there is not the benefit of positive motivations from reactions to what you have written. And this time, no one gets the benefit of the articles you did manage to finish anyway.

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Release it here so we can enjoy it. If it bothers you to call it an article, call it a "preemptive post-mortem."

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I'd definately love to read about it here as you go along. The crowd could give you some good feedback maybe.

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