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well now....

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Heck of a pickle, got one job offer i have for sure, if i accept it. It's a Configuration Management position, and i would love to take it. The problem is it's only 15 hours a week, and can only between the hours of 7-5. On next tuesday, i have a interview for another position, that pays a lot more, and is 40 hours a week, 9-5, but is NOT guaranteed. If i wait until tuesday, though it's unlikely it will be filled, the first position MAY fill. on the flip side, if i accept the first position now, the hours interfere, and i wouldn't be able to work the 40 hour a week one. (and the last thing i want on my resume is a job i worked for only 4 days :/) No matter which one i accept, i have to quit my current job due to hour conflicts also. (i hate my current job though, so that's no problem)

ANYWAYS, been working on a particle system in my spare time, whatever of that i have that is. Going to be part of the new Jet3d engine.
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no one hinders you to accept the first job and go to the interview. If you get the second job, drop the first one.


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