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cotton candy swimming

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Well, this would be my first post on the new journal. I already have 3 of them so this would be my 4th that I'm updating, I'll probably just shadow this with my journal on my website.

As I've been working on this sprite application I kind of wonder what kind of people would want it, and what would the responses be. I've been working on this application for a few months off and on, it's purpose is to create pretransformed animated sprites using vertex blocks. The application will allow you to create animations, as well as create frames with multiple frames in them. (say for example you want to create a glitter effect with multiple orbs and didn't want 50 animations of 1 orb. but 10 of 5 orbs)

It will also allow you to code animations using C (angelscript) and have generated frames. I'm hoping to release a rough version of it this month, so keep your fingers crossed.
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I'd like to see this project too :-) Perhaps you could throw up a work-in-progress screenshot and describe the features and how they'd benefit the user?

rate++ ;)

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Wooo!!!11 *passes around the booze*

Thanks for the comments guys, I'll try and get screenshots up as soon as possible. The icons for the application won't look pretty until I give Salsa some art work to do, but they're good for the time being. ;)

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