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Resource Manager Design Plan

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So, after my last entry and based on the 3 comments I'm gonna go with the suggestion of talking about the process here and then formalising it later in a proper article once things are done/in a good state.

Daerax in perticlar makes some good points, one of which being motivation which I have some issues with anyways, so feedback would help there.

As it standards, I've already got 4 A4 pages of text on my thoughts and a very very very basic system in place, however I'll go into it a bit tomorrow as I'm going out in a bit and don't want to rush things [smile]

As a vague idea of where I'm going with this I plan to start with a texture manager, then try and generalise it with a resource manager before finally introducing some more advanced loading features (streaming loads, that sort of thing).

With any luck each stage of the design process will be workable on its own, for example the current code is perfectably useable if very very basic.

Anyways, more details and code tomorrow and thanks for the intrest guys [smile]
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