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Finally bought and installed the C# component onto my version of Visual Studio. Now I'll be able to work better with C#.

That's good, because I plan on using C# and SDL.Net for my biggest game project yet. It's a really great language, the best I've worked with (well, at least for me anyways). SDL.Net is just as easy to use, and it was really easy to learn most of the essentials of it. However, I want to try making something big with them so I can get experience.

I'll probably be using it when I make the sequal to Stompy[lol]
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Original post by Sir Sapo
Man I remember back in the day, when we had the old-school Robotron-esque Stompy.... good times

Well, I decided that I won't be working on a 4E5 game, and instead will be working on another game project.

The game will be called "Earthman", and will be a Robotron style shooter[smile]

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Original post by Rob Loach
You inspired me to do work on BooGame....

BooGame looks pretty good. I should probably give it a try, now that I'll be working with C#.

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