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Longer Weekends please!

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Didn't get half the stuff I wanted to get done finished this weekend because I decided to hang out with friends instead and go to the park to play lots of football. I also watched the football... Italy, what were you thinking!!!

I did manage to get a small thing out of the way which was satisfying, rendering my player status boxes properly. I had to download the GIMP-2.0 to add the Alpha information though as my other graphics tool didn't seem to add the Alpha Channel properly.

I heartily recommend this little tool: glSandbox v0.94 - Codehead 2005 - www.codehead.co.uk
I advise you avoid this website as it seems to be trying to sell free software: http://www.wingimp.org
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Original post by Sir Sapo
Italy.. footbal..... Oh!! you must mean Soccer[grin]

You Americans [rolleyes]

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I can understand the Americans being a little confused, I mean it's called the World Cup and it has countries other than America playing in it unlike most of the other 'World Series' :P

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WinGIMP is indeed trying to sell GIMP; they also had a MacGIMP for awhile. They package it up with a bunch of crap and fob it on CDs -- you can find the same sort of thing at almost any Staples bargain CD rack.

It's not very nice, but it is perfectly allowed by the GPL provided the source is included/made available.

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