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I've been looking forward to the final version ever since I played a demo of it months ago, and it's great. The last level was fun, and the most difficult for me (though the second to last level was difficult as well), though, since I was just trying to beat it I just dodged the cadet guys (who were pretty tough enemies, they still managed to kill me once).

One thing I noticed though, was in the fight with Commander Awesome, on the far right of the screen, if you jump and come down on the edge of the screen you'll land on air, and be a bit off the ground. I have a screenshot if you need it.

Just wanted to say again that the game rocked, and I enjoyed every level.
And my high score was 48287.

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The cadets are pretty tough. They beat me pretty bad when I tried to fight them, but I got all of them at the cost of two lives. I found it works well to use the Shotgun on them.

I forgot the dreaded last block bug when I was creating this level. One of my rules with level design for this game was always have a visible block there. Guess I messed up[grin]

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Congratulations on finishing Stompy's Revenge! I haven't played your working demo since about level 2, but I'll be sure to try it out once I arrive back home.

Will Stompy be making a cameo appearance in your 4E5 game?

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Well, I've decided that I won't be working on a 4E5 game, instead opting to work on a project that I've been wanting to do for awhile. However, Stompy will probably make a cameo in that game, seeing as how it is a Robotron style game.

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Yes, they certainly do. Although I have loved working on this game, I'm itching to get started on something new.

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