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Evil Steve


Ukh, I don't want to go to work tomorrow... It's 00:40, and I'm drunk-ish. The train doesn't play nicely with my hungover-ness.

I started work on a Game Design Document for THE MMORPG!!1, I decided that it needs one. I got as far as a table of contents until I realised that Open Office was about to give me cancer. Oh how I miss MS Office. I'd use it if it wasn't some stupid price. I downloaded the Beta of Office 2007, and I'll give that a go when I next get a free 5 minutes. Which will probably be the weekend unfortunately.

I'll try to get TEH MMORPG!!1 GDD done by the end of the week (the first draft at least), and I still need to get the socket code semi-working. I'm leaning more and more towards using select() in a thread just to get it working. I'll maybe do that tomorrow lunch time. That should take about 30-45 mins, because I'm amazing with socket code :P Then I'll get to work on the GDD again. I figure that I need one because although I'll be the only one coding, a couple of my friends were offering to do some art for me. I also want to get the quests scripted (Lua FTW), and both of them are computer-orientated enough to understand how to use Lua, even if it takes me a while to show them how to use it.

So, what did I do this weekend? Well, it was fairly productive for me. I got a new camera (Samsung V800 for GBP220 with a bag and 512MB SD memory card). I also met an "Internet Radom" who is very nice (Yes, female, calm down). I don't think she knows about this journal (It's listed on Google), but we'll find out (the hard way, knowing my luck). Hello Anna. I also discovered on Sunday night that I use brackets too much (Yes, that's just now). But oh well...
Speaking of google. This journal shows up from a couple of "popular" hits - which I found out thanks to my previous workmates entering phrases into Google then saying "HAY, YOU'RE THERE", but in more normal terms.
"popular hits" being DC UK Liquidated and Firebrand Games. I feel proud. What worries me is that people must link to my journal for it to appear on Google with those terms. Interesting...

My forum is getting hit by a fair few spammers lately. There doesn't appear to be much going on there; the reason being that there's a hidden forum where everyone talks normally (Since most people don't want their phone numbers, addresses and weekly plans exposed to the Internet public). I'm on my forums every day, so I edit all the links out, but it's still annoying. I end up deleting a couple of users every day. Almost all of them link to one website (different domain names, but they still all link to one site), which is annoying. And the website doesn't even have any content on it ("Yet" I immagine). I'll link it here (With some sort of salt to stop it getting picked up by search engines).
Various threads created by spammers (I'll have to have a look at my logs and find out if it's done by a bot or not):
  • Get a better PC
  • Best thing next to popcorn!
  • A reply to a post for a change
  • Antaeus Wormz On Day VI , Ceremonial Castings Darkness War (Probably unrelated to the rest of the spam)
  • naturkatastrophen 2005, deutsche abkurzungen (Also probably unrealated)

    Also, mandatory pictures from my new camera:
    Gar, Biscuit, and Baboons

    I'm off to watch some Mythbusters and drink as much pinapple juice as my bladder can cope with.
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    Didn't you get an MSDN subscription with your MVP award last summer? If so you've got a couple of licences to Office 2003 Professional Enterprise edition - more office stuff than you have HDD space for [grin]


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