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Mission Idea 1

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Prinz Eugn


Hey guys, sorry I haven't put anything up in a while, I kind of got bored with working so hard after a week, so I spent the past couple of days playing Rise of Nations, with a tiny bit of computer art action in between.

Well, that's not true, I actually have spent a respectable portion of the last couple of days doing a drawing(on paper) for my dad for father's day, basically because he has most of everything he wants under a thousand bucks.
It's actually pretty cool, but's it's not quite done yet, I'll probably put that up later tonight or tomorrow for you to see, because it's Axis Shift-y, the kind of stuff I like to draw and am good at.

Mission ideas

I also in addition to more specific screwing around I've also been wandering teh intarnets, which, as it turns out, is a great way to come up with cool ideas for our games. I'll highlight the best thought out one here:

Mission Idea

General War Crimes:

During the course of a few briefings, you hear of one of your side's generals exploits in the war, with him being characterized as a slightly eccentric but brilliant commander(think Patton). You also later on hear via panicky radio chatter about a nearby city being attacked and utterly destroyed, with total civilian casaulties, and any later any mention of it being silenced immediately by your superiors. Hopefully we'll make the city-general connection less obvious in-game.

Then one day, you are sent out on a patrol with orders to 'stick around' until ordered otherwise.

During the course of your patrol your intelligence guy tells you about some strange activity from some of your allies when a radio message comes over the air:

It's the general admitting to killing the civilians and announcing his defection to the Neo Communists(bad guys) citing the weakness of the democratic system in doing what it takes to ensure military victory.

After his Speech is mostly through, your intelligence guy comes on and patches you into the uber-headquarters of your side, and the leading general tells you what happened, that the crazy general refused to be called for his crimes, and is now fleeing with a loyal personal guard force to the enemy. Your general then tells you your mission is to force him to surrender, and if he refuses to stop him by any means necessary.

So then you are transferred via cutscene to the general's rough location, where he asks you to join him and fight for the one true thing; Power. You refuse, and he sends out his elite guard consisting of F-22's, which are normally allied planes. You have a crazy dogfight with them, and of course, win.(this will be the main action in the mission)

You then close on the general's plane and this dialouge (maybe in a cutscene)takes place:

You: In the name of the United States of America, for your crimes against humanity, you are under arrest, you son of a bitch.
General(angry voice): I will never give in to the likes of you, cowards!
You: Roger that.
[you hear the beep of your missile lock, and fire a large salvo into his plane, which blows up in huge fireball]

Interpsersed between these events there's going to be dialouge with you intellegince guy about how awful what happened to the city was, hopefully with him showing some disillusionment in the war, giving the player a sense of the ambiguity of good and evil sides in war.

This will, with luck, have an emotional impact on the player, thus getting us that Emotion element out of a 2D shooter, not to mention something kick-ass.

Well, there's an update for you, hopefully with some better stuff later- seeya!
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