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Finals and Finalisers...

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Feeling somewhat elated of the moment, just got done with my last final before semester break. Feels good to be free for two weeks -- now maybe I can focus on some -interesting- work (terrain renderer)!

For anyone curious, exam in question was one on Software systems -- two related subjects squished into one -- so, Axiomatic reasoning (which is moderately interesting while being wholly tedious) and Concurrency issues in Java. Related? Well, prove why your concurrent Java program will perform as expected and terminate mathematically -- Given precondition P and statements [S1 || ... ||Sn] write a proof to guarantee termination and post-condition Q.

Not so exciting for non-programmers I'm guessing.

Either way, wasn't as difficult as I was expecting, and now -- freedom!

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Yayy someone else who has studied formal methods and used techniques of model and proof theory! Now I am not alone. I <3 U. :D

Give beefier introduction man, what r your area of interests? Are you an undergrad.. cause those seem like they were some pretty hefty courses?

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Heh, I suppose I should give a more lengthy introduction. Feels odd to have a public journal -- but I guess if people want to spend their time reading it, I ought to put something worth reading!


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