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Art is Fun!

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Trapper Zoid


I can't believe it's so warm in Stockholm that with my light summer pants in the wash, I'm wearing shorts instead. It must be because there's no time to cool down overnight.

Process continues on drawing practice. I've tried to pencil out a few new characters for my 4E5 game, which I've tenetively given the working title "Mad Science". Since I only have internet access in the lab I'm visiting, I don't have a lot of resource material to base characters off, and you wouldn't believe how difficult it is to draw a good looking hunchback until you've tried.

I've also spent a lot of time playing around with Inkscape, which I'm gradually becoming more confident with. The more I play around with it the more tricks I learn. The most important one is "don't use Inkscape on a borrowed laptop with only 256 Mb of RAM if you can help it, because it often takes several minutes for Windows to thrash around enough memory to open a dialog window", but there have been a bunch of other useful little tricks I've figured out through trial-and-error plus sheer bloodymindedness. I figure if I keep plugging at it for a month or so I'll really start to get properly comfortable at creating Inkscape art.

Here's another piece of Inkscape art to wet your appetite. Sorry about the size, and it also probably looks best on a light background too (i.e. new, rather than classic black):

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Original post by Sir Sapo
Thats pretty cool! Any info as to what "Mad Science" the game will be?

Thanks! I'm still unsure on the gameplay! Given the time constraints, I'm aiming for some kind of management game mixed with RPG/adventure game elements. Exactly how that all fits together I haven't decided on yet.

Given I've got a long plane flight to get home due in a week, my present plan is to just muck about with art and music for now and use the full 24 hours or so I'll be spent stuck on a plane to sketch down ideas into my notebook, hopefully coming to some kind of conclusion on the major gameplay elements by the end of the month.

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I'm hoping to be able to generate graphs of the ROI for a zombie attack vs. a dogs-with-bees-in-their-mouth-so-when-they-bark-bees-come-out attack on the unsuspecting populace.

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Mad scientists don't care about ROI. They initiate zombie attacks just to prove that it can be done.

Time management is the key. You don't want to have to delay your zombie attack until summer!

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An economy of time?

Then there's no better time for zombie attacks than the summer -- you have summer camps full of co-eds. It worked for Jason, it can work for you.

Plan your next monster attack with Ravuya & Ravuya Consulting Co.

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