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I want to learn how to operate a Mustang

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A few months ago, I started noticing the new Ford Mustang. At first, I thought it looked cool, and I briefly considered purchasing one, as part of my mid-youth crisis. My Toyota Camry, while scoring considerably high in the practicality department, is decidedly lacking in the not-boring department.

After a few weeks, I started noticing the Mustangs everywhere, however. On my way home from work on Friday, I counted 14 of them. Yesterday, during a 1-hour road trip, I counted 27.

I have decided that purchasing a cheap sports coupe that everyone owns is probably rather unremarkable.

But instead...


I have decided that I would like to learn how to fly the other kind of mustang. (No, not the horse, you sick fuck). I would like to learn how to fly a P-51 Mustang. Just imagine, a V-12, 27 litre roaring mostrosity, outputting 2000 horsepower, flying 450 miles per hour at 30,000 ft... RAAAR!!!!

So yeah, I've added this to my "list of lifelong goals".

Does anyone know where I could possibly get started on this one? There were over 15,000 Mustangs made, and they were in service (in some assbackwater countries) up until the 1980's, so surely there must be more than a few in operating condition around the world somewhere...
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I think you should just get a SmartCar instead. It'd be funny when you're bigger than the car itself.

David Suzuki would love you.

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Umm, Sir Sapo would be the one to verify this, but I'm pretty sure P-51s are both very rare and extremely expensive(like a million a pop), but you can get a regular airplane for not that much.

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Yeah, most P-51s were scrapped after World War II, or sold to third world countries such as Nicaragua to form "air forces". While they are quite rare, there are actually a few flight schools in the U.S. that offer P-51 type ratings. They fly TF-51Ds, which are pretty much 2 seat modifications that fly like the actual fighter.

All in all, I would go with getting your private license first (learn in a taildragger, you'll thank me later if you do[grin]). Fly for a couple of years, build up your hours, and then try to get into one of the mustang flight schools.

As for owning one, the cost of a P-51D Mustang is around a million dollars, and they're one of the most common "warbirds" around, so unless you find one rotting in some drug dealers backyard, or get rich really quick, you probably will never own one, sorry.

Also, the rarest part of the airplane is the Merlin engine running it, and the ones still around are purposly limited in the power they give out, to save wear and tear on the engine parts, so even if you do get one, you probably wont be able to fly it like you're dreaming about.

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I think he wanted to fly in one, not necessarily own one.

Unfortunately, I've never heard of a place that offers mustang rides.

If you hear about one, I'd definitely like to hear about it.

As always searching the internet is a nice way to find info:
These guys offer flights on a dual control training version of the P51

There are probably more out there. I also thing the P51 stayed in service during most of the Korean war.

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Thats true, the U.S Air Force flew them as F-51's in Korea, but in far fewer numbers than WWII, after which, many of them were sold as scrap to make room for newer jet fighters.

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