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New Project!

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First off, the sequal to Stompy will come eventually, and it will be alot bigger than this one. It will probably be more accurate to call it a prequal, because it will show how the Stompy storyline begins (with Commander Awesome turning evil).

I decided that I will not be working on a 4E5 game. There is a game that I've been wanting to do for a long time, but it doesn't fit any of the requirements, so I just decided to work on it.

Now, Sir Sapo pointed out before that Stompy use to be, more or less, a Robotron clone. However, I decided I wanted to make Stompy a platformer character, as I've always liked those type of games. However, now I'll be returning to that Robotron style play with a new project, but it won't be purely action.



Earthman is the name of my new game project. It will be an action adventure game(think zelda), set on an alien planet. During the game, you'll explore the alien planet, as well as combat various enemies.

In combat, the game will play like Robotron or Smash TV. With 4 keys, you'll move around in different directions, and with another 4 keys, you'll shoot in different directions. During the game, you'll aquire new firing modes, and also new equipment to help navigate the alien world.

Although an action game, it will feature elements of puzzle solving and exploration.


Many years in the future, human beings have left the Earth to find new homes in outer space. Once in space, they find numerous planets supporting life and colonize them. Although most of these planets organisms are much like Earth animals, humans come into contact with a few Alien races capable of space travel.

It has been many years since this time, and a human exploration team lands on, what appears to be an empty planet. However, once there they discover what appears to be the remains of a highly advanced alien civilization. They build a small colony town there. However, soon they are forced to build a force field around the colony to protect the humans from the overly aggresive (not to mention flesh-eating) animals on the planet. Even more cryptic, some sort of massive machine being protected by a shield lies on the surface. The colonists want to explore the planet, but are afraid to leave the safety of the colony force field.

Many trained humans flock to this planet to gain jobs exploring it. One of those people happens to be the main character, and who you play as...

Alot of the fun of Earthman will come from exploring the planet and discovering the history of it.


The game will be programmed using C# and SDL.Net. For the graphics, I plan to use Inkscape, and draw them by hand using a graphics tablet.

I predict the game will take awhile to complete. It has alot of aspects that I've never tried before, such as scripted events, and...well...actual story-telling.

I've been wanting to do this game for a long time now, and am finally confident enough in my experience to give it a try.
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Sounds pretty cool..... Base Earthman in Europe, have him angry at some people, give every a logo, and have him buy new clothing, and there you have a 4E5 game [wink].

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It has one of the elements, since you can buy items and fire modes for the gun.

I wonder if it would count if the alien planet had a continent shaped like Europe[lol]

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Just use the classic "Planet of the Apes" plot twist and you'll be set!

"You Maniacs! You blew it up! Ah, damn you! God damn you all to hell!"

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