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Rocket and a Movie!!!!

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Sir Sapo


Hey everyone!

Not much new got done today, except that I layed the framework for the Flak units that will soon be populating the maps. There's no collision detection going on ATM, so it's not that exciting, but they shoot really fast, and it's cool to see them in action.

By far the coolest thing I did today was integrate the editor and the game. Whereas before you had to create a level in the editor, and then load it in the game, you can now modify stuff in the editor, and immediately switch to the game to play through your changes. It's pretty neat, but it looks the same as the regular editor, so I'll spare you guys the image.

Today I've got a little video to show you guys showcasing the Flak and the Integrated Editor. I also fixed my mic, so there's a voice over in this one, but I'm pretty tired, so don't expect anything other than a monotone voice tonight...


Cool Stuff
Today Mark came up with a good mission idea that involves a ginormous rocket... so he drew one. This is the incomplete version of said rocket, and you guys can check out his journal tomorrow to see the complete version with a gantry and whatnot (yeah, I don't get the really good stuff anymore[crying]).

Well, that's all for now, let us know what you think! Peace Out!
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Neat, but how the hell are we supposed to survive flying over those flaks?

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Well, the plane in those screens was flying a lot slower than you usually will be flying in the game. Also, as the power of the flak shells goes up, the rate of fire goes down, so each of those bullets would drop your health by a very small amount, while the larger stuff fires about once every 2 seconds, but does a hell of a lot of damage.

Thanks for the comment!

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