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Six Sided Madness

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I've moved on from overall design to prototyping. In order to really proceed any further with the design, I'm going to have to actually be able to play around with a prototype to see what works and what doesn't. My current little sub-project is trying to get a map of hexagons displaying correctly. It's causing me a bit more pain than I envisioned. Fortunately, my stubborn attitude refuses to let me give up.

I had a bunch of problems, some have been fixed, some are in the process of being fixed, and some I haven't gotten around to yet. So far the biggest pain has resulted from trying to divide by a negative number. I'm using a few odd workarounds, but everything seems to be going smoothly, for now at least.

When I finally DO get this damned thing up and running, I'll be sure to post a picture here. Until then, back to the codestone.
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