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Pandora's Gift

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So ive been working on the story for my new project, code named Pandora's Gift. I dont want to release any details on it just yet but I'll let you in on a few secrets...

1) It could easily fit into the 4e5 contest if I wanted it to, though at this time thats not my goal.

2) Its based on the symbolism of the myth of Pandora's Box.

3) The story aspect is the most important part, it will be more like an interactive story than it will be a game.

4) A big goal of mine is to have the player get emotionally attached to the main character to atleast a small point.

5) It takes place in a realistic european, medieval-like village.

Hopefully, I will have the main script written up by the end of this week and can get a license to the engine I want to use. Once I do, I will immeditately start the development.

My next installment, I might share some concept art, music, or a basic story outlnine.

Till next time
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