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Productive day

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Stephen R


I've had quite a day. Raw has been tweaked to a fair level of quality. I'm now pretty happy with it gameplay wise. Networking wise, it could have been better done. When you go to a new page that requires alot of info then it takes a second or two to come down from the server. Its my first network game, so I'm just happy that the server runs consistantly and that the clients get what they ask for. I estimate it requires a group of 8 to 16 to get the most out of the gameplay. You can play it with two or three people but it gets a bit monotonous.

I started work on Sheep Pie. I will be developing the renderer first, so I was just getting the framework in place to mess arround with that. I created a simple exe which will be the game, and another with the wxWindows libraries that I'm using for the editor. The GUI for the editor is taking shape. I will post a screeny or two once I start getting results rendering the terrain.

I'm really looking forward to programming these quad-trees and scene graphs and everything. Should be fun.
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