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The cubicle chaos theory

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I've been bothered by certain habits for a while, just little small things that make me wonder if they are really helping me. Copy and Paste for example can be a blessing depending on how they are used, but I find myself using them too often when scraping a part of my code to redo it. This isn't just my own code but tutorials as well, I find myself at times nipping a block of code. Sometimes reading others code you can see they've nipped themselves like when the comments for nehe's tutorials are still there. It's all too easy. However I wonder sometimes if I'm learning anything when I copy and paste. They say if you write a certain word 100 times you'll have remembered that word for the rest of your life, but this is far from anything repetitive. The question "am I learning anything?" marquees through my mind when I do this.

The second thing is I'm not willing to try new things, which I've slowly been avoiding recently. This brings me to OpenGL. For the past few years I've been working on DX 8\9, telling myself I'd eventually get to working on OpenGL. Now that I'm at work I find myself with an abundance of time I decided to scrap the renderer part of my code and build it as a generic interface for both APIs. I'm enjoying OpenGL so far, admittedly I'm nipping at nehes tutorials myself. The only real problem I find is creating a way to wrap OGL in a way that makes it similar to DirectX, because I don't think with a generic interface that I could get DirectX to act like OGL. On a side note I added Beginning OpenGL Game Programming and More OpenGL Game Programming to my growing book collection. Off the top of my head that is it.

I'm going to try and get some screenshots of my sprite application up for everyone, I just haven't had much time outside of work and stress testing my new computer at home with the latest in game and graphics technology. (Yeah, I'm slowly becoming a HL2 junkie)
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