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Well, last night we simplified the controls, and I definitely like it better.

Now there is only the two-handed firing animation, and you can move while firing two-handed. The laser sight is always used to show where you are aiming. It jitters a bit while just aiming, and jitters much more while firing.

The PDA / scanner is still a one-handed animation.

Yesterday I added sounds for entities receiving impulses, either from the ground or other entities or bullets / bolts / lasers. The volume of the sound is a function of the momentum change the object experienced in the contact normal direction. I started on a sliding sound for tangential movement, but that's not working as of yet.

I was thinking last night that to do it properly, I could calculate the amount of energy lost by the momentum transfer, based on friction and restitution, which should be related to the sound produced.

I made the Higgs pistol shoot area-effect bolts, and made them blast away objects nearby. Here are some objects being shot away.

Yesterday I made the bullet hits more consistent between entities and the world. Right now the only difference is that the world hits may leave a decal, but the entity hits won't. My decal system only works in world space right now, so there isn't an easy way to attach decals to entities which are intanced and potentially movable objects. Even if I added support for that, the tangent space info is not stored in the collision structures, so the bump map part of the decal would often be wrong, or would be skipped. I suppose I could create a new AABB tree that would contain the tangent space info for the entities, but I'm not sure I want to go there as of yet...

I added the teleporter entity and effect, and it now detects the player in the teleporter region. By today or tomorrow we should have level -> level gameplay in there.

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Is the Higgs pistol named after Peter Higgs?

I have a van de Graaff pistol in my game. [wink]

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Looks cool.

For an additional cheap effect to go with the teleporter, I'd place a point light in the middle that oscilates its color. If you wanted to get fancy you could do an additional environment pass on the character using the texture from the teleporter.

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Yes, the Higgs pistol is named for the Higgs boson, predicted by Peter Higgs.

Good idea on the teleporter effect. I think I will add a lighting pass to entites in the field of effect...

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