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Hardware and freebies

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This doesn't seem to happen to anyone else I've talked to in real life, but I seem to accmulate USB pen drives as freebies. Talk to a vendor get a USB pen drive. This was fairly useless when they were all like 8 MB or 16 MB but I recently got my first 256 MB pen drive as a freebie. Since most of my subversion repositories are currently clocking in at about 50MB a piece, it seems like a somewhat reasonable idea to start storing them on the pen drives for backup purposes. It'd be a lot more convienient than my current CR-RW backups.

In other news, it seems that using a touchpad in front of some people has the same effect as finger nails on chalkboards.
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Crazy americans, you'll simply make larger and larger pen drives until you make a pen drive so large it will consume you all. [wink]

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