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I haven't made a progress update in a bit.

I've seeded a Windows build of Glow to a few people, but it's missing several features. Good news: SHGetSpecialFolder path even works on Evil Steve's screwed up PC.

Looking forward to doing AI, I just have to get over that initial hump and do some performance testing with dozens of NPCs. Maybe I'll just polish the editor and static entities some more for the remainder of this week.

Edit#1: You can lay actors in the editor and save them. This was a surprising amount of work.
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An unspoken bonus of my map save functionality is that the save methods I've written will also save the game in progress (eventually) and allow you to restore it, CSRPG2-style. Hot.

After I do that, I'll have to spend a few days tracking down the bugs that introduced and then we're off to making AI work.

I wish I had read the Enginuity article about the serializer sooner; it seems totally awesome compared to my totally lame one. [crying] Taking advantage of C++ is totally hardcore. Ah well, I'm almost done with that and then I can actually get a game up.

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