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Little Update

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Sir Sapo


Hey everyone!

Today was my first day of lifeguarding this summer, so I didn't get much done except add some features to the Light Flak objects.

Light AAA
The Flak in Angels 22 is split up into around 4 different types, Light (rapid fire with small projectiles), Heavy (large airburst artillery), SAM (large guided missiles), Directed Energy (pretty much a laser). The Light AAA is the only one implemented so far, but everything else builds on the Light stuff, so it shouldn't be that hard to put some more advanced stuff together. Anyways, the Light AAA now has a traversal rate, which is the speed at which the turret rotates, and a little barrel sprite that tracks the AAA's target. I also wrote some simple AI code that determines what target to track (pretty much by hardcoded importance, ie. AWACS > Fighter > Paratrooper). Now the flak can decide what target to fire upon, and then it only fires when the barrel is pointing more or less near the target, which makes the flak look smarter. Well, here's a screen of a light flak type firing it's gun as fast as possible at the player (Note Mark's new textures).

Alright, I'm tired, so let us know what you guys think, and I'll tlak to you guys later! Peace Out!
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Mmmm... guns.

One thing I'm curious about: how does the player manage to avoid getting hit by light flak if he has to flyover the gun itself? Maybe I'm just not envisioning things right, but it seems to me that unless the gun is pathetically slow to track, it'll always have at least a short window of opportunity to hit the player a couple of times.

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Light Flak is only effective up to a certain altitude, so you'll be able to fly over them and not get hit. Also, I disabled the light flak's ability to "lead" the target, so unless you're going really slow or really low, light flak should only be a nuisance, not a real threat.

Thanks for the comment!

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How about implementing some sort of minigame from a different perspective (seen from behind the plane) called "Avoid the Flak Fire". If you successfully play through it without getting hit you'd get some kind of special weapon (cool bomb/missile). The goal would be to avoid getting hit from different kinds of flak fire types: strong (slow, less often) and weaker (faster, more often) which come from the bottom part of the screen from different angles and positions. Your plane would be able to avoid the flak shots by flying left, right as well as up and down.

What do you think?

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Looking great as usual, Dr. Sapo. When's the projected demo release date again? [smile]

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