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Woo, lappy

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Evil Steve


Ok, my laptop was working fine after being fully charged. After using it for 45 mins, it's down to 46% battery, which is around what I expected. So it's charging now.

Two annoying things about using the laptop on the train - the tables are just too far away to be able to sit back in the seat and type, but too close to have the laptop on your lap to type. And typing and reading the screen, because it's on the table, which is fixed, makes me feel a bit travel sick. Nothing too major, but it's enough to be pretty off-putting.

I got a we bit of stuff done to the socket code IOCP stuff. Yes, yes, I'm re-writing it again. I just want to get accept and recv code working perfectly, then add send() stuff. Connect() can just sod off for now, even a blocking connect will do. I'm still not used to the keyboard. I miss my numeric keypad and normal layout of insert, delete, etc.

I'm going to try and get accept/recv code working during my lunch break, but we'll see how that goes. Back to work...
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