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Well, been a while since my last update :/. I've been overworked doing uni and a webdev job.

I hate webdev. I've been writing a CMS system, and had to integrate it into several website (some havn't gone live yet):

http://www.logicalit.com.au/ (this is currently being redesigned)
http://www.winetrustestates.com.au/ (I didn't do the presentation layer for this site, but it uses the CMS)

Some incomplete sites (they are all 'done' technically, just no real content yet):

http://www.squared.net.au/index.php (the 'company' that I'm working for, customers can login here to get to their control panel)
http://logicalit.squared.net.au/ (the replacement for the logicalit site linked above)

I also did some work on my brother's art website: http://www.artofsimoncowell.com/

(note: I don't do the designs, I'm just the code monkey ^_^).

With all this webdev I've done, you'd think I'd have gotten around to make my own website, but NOOoo I just havn't had time ;(. Its on the drawing board tho. With me on my last year at uni, I'm going to have to start pimping my l33t skillz for when I finish.

Anyway, you get the point. I've been a busy boy. Just not busy in a way that I prefer to be. Of course, I did get paid for this work :) - see below.

So, with my semester over (yay no more exams), I'm going to quit webdev and get back into gamdev stuff again! Yay! I don't think I'll enter 4e5 this year, however, I probably won't have the time. Anyway, the elements this year don't interest me that much >_>.

In other news, I decided to splurge a bit with the money I earned from webdev and got myself a brand spanking new GeForce 7900 GTX (512mb vram baby!), and a third LCD monitor ^__^ (they're so bloody cheap now). I'm all setup for gamedev now!

I managed to find a geforce 2 MX PCI card, to run the third screen. This is after I got a TNT2 just to find I can't run a TNT2 and the 7900 on the same version of the NVidia unified driver system. What a waste of moneys :(. Next time I'll do my research properlly first -_-.


Excessive? I dunno yet, I've still have to work out what to do with all this extra screen space ^____^.

With that, I'm going to go do the washing up.
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They look pretty similar in the dark :P. I've got the HD-497s (hence why I was asking) and they kick ass. Sennheiser seems to make the best headphones.

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I'm noticing a distinct lack of your whiteboard desk goodness. The marker on your arms finally get too much? [grin]

Besides that, schweet setup...

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Original post by superpig
That setup brings a tear to my eye.

Shoulda seen the six-monitor rig I set up once with a Mac II and some very expensive videocards and displays. I actually had to get up and move my chair to move windows to the far right monitor.

But yes, luscious.

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haha, yes it's gone for several reasons..

1) The stupid thing kept curling up no matter how much blue-tac I put under it.
2) The sharpish edges of the board got annoying when resting my arms on it.
3) I ripped it off the desk in a fit of pure webdev induced RAGE~~`1!. :O


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