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Updated plan

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  • Finish standalone games (basically done except for more beta testing)
  • Update storefront to accomodate standalone games
  • Finish Duck Tiles (basically done except for more beta testing)
  • Finish new Bulldozer (needs more levels and music)
  • Update existing six games to accomodate a new login/password system. I'd been doing the high scores based on the honor system up until now, but there's more stuff I could do with a real login system, namely. . .
    • Score-tracking graphs that let you compare your scores and rankings over the past 30 days.
    • You could play a daily puzzle more than once (auto-appending "attempt 1, attempt 2, etc) if you wanted.
    • I could add a chat window that spans all the games so you could chat with other players.
    • No worries about name poaching.
  • Write six more daily puzzles
  • Write standalone versions of those six.

By then, I oughta be bigger than Pogo :)
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