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And the UPS tracker madness begins!

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Alright, this should be interesting. The DVD/RW drive has shipped and is estimated to arrive Friday. The case and graphics card have also shipped, and are estimated to arrive next Monday. The hard drive has not yet shipped.

This means that I get my hardware goodness spread out over several days, which is even better than just getting it all at once - except for the fact that I have to go through the misery of realizing I can't use each. Individual. Freaking. Part.

However, noble and self-sacrificing man that I am, I'm prepared to take one for the team, so to speak. I will endure this suffering so that others may... uh... be jealous of my computers. Wait... that didn't come out right.

In other news which you also don't care about, I have 53 open issues assigned to me. It's pure insanity.

(Of course, probably 60% of those are just assigned to me temporarily until we argue over who gets to do the actual work. But that makes it sound less impressive and impending-doom-like.)
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less blog, more coding.

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