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My Rocket's Bigger Than Yours

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Prinz Eugn


Wow, there was just a commercial on the radio explaining/advertising artificial horse insemination- sweet.

Anyway, I've got new stuff to talk about and show you.


So it's been a little while, but things will soon be up to light speed since I'm leaving for Carnegie-Mellon University's National High School Game Academy on saturday, which will probably chronicled in detail while I'm sitting in various airports.

So today I did a little questionnaire for them that was basically trying to find out if I could program gude (no), draw goode (yes)or do 3D modelling (it's been a while), which was reassuring in that it's definitely not going to be "make a tetris clone" type stuff. It also sounded like we are also going to be assigned teams and different classes, which will be interesting so hopefully I won't be stuck in "Drawing Shit 101" with a bunch of straight-up programmers.

Astronomy Club

So I'm a member of our local astronomy club along with my grandfather(who is actually going to get a book published on the constellations), and tonight the club had a star party (telescope hanging out-thingy) for this local camp that the New Mexico Museum of Space history puts on, which I myself attended back in the day.

We pretty much set up telescopes and let the kids look through them, usually at the planets, which is pretty cool, because they are suprised that you can actually see stuff without an multi-million dollar observatory. I had this fairly small one that the club had unloaded on me to store, and it worked pretty well considering you couldn't use the finder scope(yay search patterns)

So, in closing, that's right, I volunteered -to work with the childrens.
(Hopefully this helps compensate for any heinous deed I might commit in the future)

Arachnoid Attack(sorta)

Well I had this girl I know up (but who is off limits, unfortunately) along with the inglorious Sir Sapo to watch The Empire Strikes Back. But while I was showing her my domain ("this is such a boy's room!") a little something crawled across the floor in front of her. Well, it turned out it was a not-so-little tarantula. It scared her a little, but not me, because living in the desert wilderness prepares you for this kind of thing("oh, a rattlesnake in the driveway- huh."), and I simply caught it and let it out side, hopefully to help stem the tide of those aformentioned damn crickets.

It was good thing Sir Sapo wasn't there yet, because he is a pretty bad arachnophobe(puss), not to mention masculine-less in most other respects, and uncontrolable girlish screaming would not have made the situation any better.

Probably Where You Want To Skip To...

So in Sir Sapo's entry you saw that rocket, and today you're going to see it again, but better. I've helpfully inlcuded a regular building for scale:

Sir Sapo and I have a great mission idea revolving around this thing, which I'll spare you due to the overwhelming feedback from last time, but don't worry, I'll relate it later.
Also: I'm tired.

Buenos Noches, Amigos
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Yeah, cool stuff.
Sorry to hear that you've got such a boys room. ;-) You'd better start showing your manliness and no, handling snakes and spiders doesn't count. j/k

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Eugh, spiders. I'm a bit arachnophobic myself, though I would have probably just smashed the thing rather than squeal. *smash smash smash*.

Hope you have fun at the Game Academy - sounds like a really awesome opportunity (to put on your resume!) Just stay away from those 3D people and you'll be fine. There's no way they can not love your spritework!

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I find this post to be full of un-truths, not-trues, and all around bullshit... but the rocket looks good.

P.S. I made the flak fire in bursts, so you can get off my ass...

EDIT: I like those arrows, I couldn't tell what that thing was until I read the label[grin]

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Thanks guys, I appreciate the feedback, well, at least the good feedback [wink]

Yeah, Carnegie-Mellon should be interesting, not least because it's a thousand miles away. God, I hope they have girls there...

Sapo- good, oh, and you are still a huge puss.

Gaheris- If I wanted to be extra-manly I could have pulled out my WW1 springfield rifle and taken care of that thing Rambo-style

Yeah, I just did some 'concept art' (i.e, doodling) that I'll put up tonight. See you then!

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That's a start! Good luck with your career and don't forget to keep on posting here.

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