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The house looks like a face!

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A building and the floor:

More importantly though, basic tiles and entities are working. My goal is to build a full town, with houses, shops and so forth.

Now, this is the future, so I didn't really want to have cars going around the place. Instead people will stand on strips that will let them travel quickly through the town. What is cool is that you can use it too, in order to get around the town. Haven't got around to programming it yet, but in time I will.

Next I'll work on more buildings and also try and get the player walking around in there.


Quick C# programming question:

Suppose you have a base class A, and two derived classes, B and C.

At the beginning of the program you do this:
A something = new B();

Later on, could you do this?:
something = new C();
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AFAIK that works (the C#). I've done it a couple times with no problems.

I envy your progress lol. Keep up the good work!

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I'm glad to hear that it works, important parts of the code will have to use that. If it didn't, I would be in trouble[grin]

Than again, I would just find a way around it.

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