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Cram! Cram! Cram!

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Phew, what a long week that was! It was a real fight to not update my blog. :P (not really)

"Where have you been?"

Studying. The whole reason I've been at highschool (for an extra year) this year was to gain the Geometry/Discrete Math credit, which all of the reputable universities (Waterloo too, of course!) required. Darn. So this meant I had to take Grade 11 U-Math -- not Grade 11 U/C-Math which I took already -- and be stuck with little Grade 11's for a semester. Then this semester I took the actual Geo/Discrete Math, and did sort of mediocre/subpar (~70%). And then there was the deciding factor: THE EXAM! DUN DUN DUUUN!

So, the last week (or so) has been pretty much non-stop studying. I put somewhere in the ballpark of 25 hours into it, and I'm really really confident that I did quite well on my exam, which was on Wednesday. It should help pull my mark up. I think it's safe to say that Waterloo won't yank my acceptance out from under my feet, now. :P

"What of gamedev!?"

An excellent question. With an equally excellent answer. I'll illustrate this by showing you Draffurd's friggin' awesome title screen for 'Admiral Overalls', in all of its 4-bit glory!

(MSPaint FTW!)

It's done in the same general style of Apogee's (old) wonderful games: show a cool shot of what the game is like in a location that never actually appears in-game. Awesome. :D

The Map Editor is now also virtually complete. I had to revamp a bunch of things of a boring nature that I won't babble about here, but needless to say, it's looking good. Looking so good I won't even post a screenshot (today).

"Let's see a random in-game shot!"

Okay. Glad you asked. [grin]

Next on the Roadmap is collecting fruit to gain (elusive) 'points', followed by basic enemy logic and tomato-shooting action.

All of which in the next ~6-7 days before the contest ends. It's going to be tight!
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Very nice all round!

I'm one of those rare gamers whose favourite id series is still Commander Keen, so I'm keen ([wink]) to see how this goes!

That picture with the slingshot reminds me - I need to replay Monster Bash for ideas for my game!

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Guest Anonymous Poster


You can do it! We believe in you ^_^
*Insert other random inspirational phrase*

Good luck!

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