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Old Fashioned Art

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Prinz Eugn


As per my way, text before pretty:

More Carnegie-Mellon

Well tonight I'm busy packing up stuff for my trip to Pittsburgh- which'll basically be my biggest most awesome adventure ever. I'm a little bit nervous, I'm never flown a thousand miles alone before, not to mention change flights or get myself to point B from the airport.

Tomorrow I'll probably freak out slightly and print out several gigantic maps of my various stops, then copy them in permanent marker onto my more easily visible limbs, you know, just in case.

Right now I'm packing my carry on full of random crap I might need, maybe. I am basically pretending I'm preparing for my first day of school(which is not to far from reality), so lots of paper and folders. And big 'ol books, just in case electricity gets cancelled, I'll have something to do.

Oh shit, I need food, too...

OK, enough rambling.

Happy Father's Day!

So last weekend was Father's Day, and I did my dad a fancy drawing to show him how much I loved spaceshi- er, him. I do love my dad, and spaceships are what I do, plus he needs have something of me in his office more recent than 5th grade.
So here it is(click for big version):

I think the original is better, but I was able to mess with it in Corel, so it's still relatively cool, I think.


The concept art I made was of a Missile Submarine/ Aircraft Carrier, which will be one of the game's bosses, along with a Laser Fortress, a Huge Rocket, and a suprise secret boss at the end, probably with more to come, hmm -maybe an enemy ace... Squadron.
'ere 'tis, blackboardified

Oh, and I just found a monster(think Africanized) beetle in my room, but everything turned out haaallll-right.

Good night!
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