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Quick question about scripting

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Trapper Zoid


World Cup Ramblings...
I'm pretty pleased both Australia and Sweden are through to the next round of the World Cup! Although Sweden are up against Germany next; that's going to be tough. And Australia is playing Italy, which means things in Lygon Street back in Melbourne might get a little bit interesting [grin]!

4E5 Game Thoughts
Quick question: since I might want to include a fair amount of adventure game elements or random events in my Mad Science game, I was wondering about using a scripting language. However since I've never embedded a scripting language into a program before, I don't know how sensible that would be.

Since I know many of you have used scripting languages in your games and applications before, can you offer any advice? Specifically:

  • How easy is it to embed one of these within a C++ application?

  • What's a good scripting language to use? I've dabbled with Lua and Python before, but I'll have to brush up a lot on both of those.

  • From the design perspective, could I assume calling a scripting language function is pretty much the same as a C++ function?

  • Is it even a good idea to use a scripting language if it's just going to be me writing this game?

I might rephrase this into a forum question later, but I just want to know if I can factor in using a scriptin language over the next week, while I design the basics of the game and are away from many of my programming resources.

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Sounds good for allowing scripting languages in my list of "things to do". I'm starting to freak out about how little time there is for this competition. Once I put some thought into what I need to do and learn, five months is nothing.

A bit off my original topic, but what exactly can SHilScript do (or should I be asking SHilbert this directly [smile])?

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I recommend getting yourself a copy of Game Scripting Mastery, a very helpful book that reinforces how simple it is to use a scripting language in your game :-)

Amazon link (with look inside):

GameDev review link:


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I'll have a look at it on Amazon, thanks! It seems like the book is more aimed for people who wish to write their own scripting language, whereas I'm perfectly happy to use someone elses, but it would be good to consider how the whole thing works from the basic level.

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