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Beginning Post -- 4E5

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This will be my first post on this dev journal. My friends and I formed an organization called Mindrot Development... or Mindrot Games. We haven't fully decided on the name yet since we develop things outside of the gaming universe. Mostly utilities that we never publish, but I digress. I will refer to the group as simply 'Mindrot' henceforth.

I have decided to enter 4E5 not because I think I will win but because it inspired a pretty cool idea which I think perfectly encompasses this years 4 elements. Those elements are: Emotion, Emblem, Europe, and Economy. More detail can be found here

I noticed many people are scared to share their ideas because of fear of theft. However intellectual Property (IP) is usually protected by the 'who has proof they did it first' rule, so a game dev blog that I do not have complete control over is ideal for my needs.

First, I need someplace to record my thoughts and ideas in a coherent fashion. Second, I wish to publicize my ideas in order to get criticism and feedback on my development practices, plot progression, dialog, etc., etc. Third, the ability to view the progression of my game in a neat visual format that I can laugh about years-to-come. And finally, fourth: Use this as a point of reference as proof of originality for my ideas should I ever get into a 'rights' conflict concerning code or IP.

I have already come up with my concept, title, and game play style, and will probably use this blog as a semi-design document. Many more posts to come. ^.^
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I protect my IP by phrasing my ideas in such a way that most people think they are total and utter garbage. The fools!

Anyway, welcome to the journals! Best of luck with your 4E5 entry!

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sweet. comments already.

i appreciate the welcome, and the rating buff ^o^

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