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4E5 Desgin Concept

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Game Information
Title: Wonder
Genre: Adventure - Mysteryish...
Setting: Modern Europe - All over, but the only confirmed actual locations is Stonehenge and Vatican City
Concept: Explore the origins of Stonehenge and its relationship to ancient cultures through means of an archeologist thrown into a world of secrets, sabotage, and self-deception.

4 Elements
Emotion: Wonder, Amazement, Awe - whichever you prefer. I hope to inspire a feeling of curiosity through my fictional story as it makes correlations and connections to previously unconnected historical events. I hope that through these interesting coincidences the player will get that feeling that happens during a "Eureka! moment". At the very least I hope to get a "ha ha, that's cool." out of people.

Emblem: The symbol for pi. I hope to explore the origins of the symbol Pi and its currently unknown, but misconceived relationship to Stonehenge.

Europe: Most people know that Stonehenge is one of humanity's (maybe) earliest relics, and that it is now a ruinous shadow of its former glorious self. What purpose did it serve? Was it really just a calendar? Who built it? All these questions are asked and answers are slowly discovered throughout various European locations.

Economy: Throughout the story, the main character (the player), must make use of currency obtained through archaeological commissions from four major organizations. It is these commissions that the main character first becomes interested in Stonehenge. These factions have different relationships with each other and based on current standing will affect information able to be bought, bribed, or allowed access too. In addition, with this money, you can buy better equipment and resources for personal use. The four faction's economical status can vary as well. Financial status of a faction, coupled with your faction standing and the nature of the request, greatly affects requests for commissions.

The Factions
The Grand Lodge of the Ancient Order of Druids
The Royal Archaeological Institute
The Vatican Secret Archives - Conservation Lab
STO - Stonehenge Theory Online

The Druids are a counterpoint to the Holy See. The online theorists (tin-foil hat types) are the counter point to the British organization. Favoritism of one organization will affect the opinions of the counterpoint.

The Druids are interested in exploring the nature of their relationship to the ruin. As they are not truly related to the ancient druidic order that was known to use Stonehenge in rituals, they do not have definitive answers. They are also curious into their true role in the creation of the relic, since there is evidence against their involvement in the original site. They hold disfavor towards Vatican researchers as they generally show intolerance to their society and their refusal to allow access to ancient, rare documents that reference the site.

The Catholics are not truly interested in the Stonehenge relic, although they do hold several ancient tombs with much information on the subject. They do not tolerate the presence of eccentric religious heretics who would use their library to further their cultic practices however, and thus deny several organizations access. The druidic order is only one example of this.

The Royal Archaeological Institute is an un-biased scientific organization interested in only the facts of historical sites and items. They do not care for religious explanations for issues, though are tolerant of those who believe them. Only approach this organization if you wish to conduct purely scientific investigation. For these reasons the RAI dislikes STO as they believe the organization to be composed of silly, over-anxious children bent on discovering proof of extra terrestrial involvement.

Stonehenge Theory Online is an online BBS and resource database for those who do not hold to traditional theory and beliefs. The organization is open to all alternative theories about the Stonehenge monument although many of the ideas they present lack or oppose existing evidence. They are biased against the RAI because of the intolerance of their ideas.

The RAI - STO faction trade off is unbalanced. RAI faction is normally affected by involvement with STO, however STO faction is only slightly affected by RAI involvement. This is because the STO accepts the need for scientific involvement in the process, but believes that once all information is known, current scientific theories will be debunked in favor of their own.

Final Thoughts.
I still haven't decided if I want the game to take place from the perspective of a time traveling historian, a modern day archaeologist, or from maybe an extra terrestrial investigator of some kind. Obviously the change in POV from the player would modify the economy a bit, but the other 3 emotions would remain basically the same.

Aside from buying standard resources such as rope, flashlights, tools, etc.; I would like money to be used to occationally bribe organizational leaders into approving research commisions, as well as used to purchase various types of teams for dig sites. For Example:
You could hire the expensive team of undergrad students who actually care about the dig.
You could hire the subcontracted team of people who are just doing their job.
You could hire the starving natives who are very likely to steal some of the finds for personal profit.
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Recommended Comments

Thats a pretty cool premise you got there, I hope you can pull off the curiosity elements of it, because I'm intrigued now...

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then i've succeeded once already =P
dont worry im not going to leave any mysteries and say 'you have to play to find out'

this blog will consist of pretty much everything i think of..however i only have a few minutes here and there inbetween hiding from users, my boss, and going to the bathroom to update

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While I like the general gist of the idea, the Emotion element has (IMO) the potential to be a major weak point. Inspiring wonder and awe in the player is hard to do (well, unless you have a team of insanely good artists or writers). You'll have to put a lot of effort into ensuring you have enough wonder to make the element work, and there's not a lot of time in the competition to do that.

Maybe you can incorporate some other emotions into there as well, just to sell it to the judges?

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you are right, and my response is so long it probably justifies yet ANOTHER post. check back in an hour or so.

*runs away crying*

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Guest Anonymous Poster


For more emotion we should add in a KAMISHIMA!!! aspect to it. I'd like to have some good friends get killed off by evil druids or soemthing like that.

Sweet ideas, hope to talk to you some this weekend.

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lmao - well the problem with that is you have to have a lot of time to establish the a relationship to a character that the player can associate themselves with as well. However, we dont have time to develop the kind of content neccessary to do that, nor do the game rules speccify that the majority of the game be be "building up to a singular emotional event" such as a death.
so if we make a game that consists of an opening movie with someone dying, the player will just be like, "okay that sucks, lets move on" the main character can feel as aweful as we make him/her, but the reason for that sadness will not be shared with the player.

the only time i felt true emotion in a anime was in Berserk, when griffith betrayed the hawks. and that was utter hatred, and i actually was screaming with Guts during that time. but that also took place after, like, 25 30minute long episodes in which i grew to love the Band of the Hawks

anyway, i could make inspire humor in people, by making all sorts of jokes and witty reparte-- en garde!, toche!

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Original post by cwyers
anyway, i could make inspire humor in people, by making all sorts of jokes and witty reparte-- en garde!, toche!

Oh, that is so cliche! [grin]

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