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Well, I kindof knew that I was going to end up doing this, but I don't think I'm ready to use C# for programming a game this big. I've decided to just use it to build the game's editor for now, until I learn more about it.

Meanwhile, for the main game code, I'll be again using C++. I still think C# is the best language I've used, I'm just not ready to use it for a project this large. On the side, I'll take more time to learn about it.

But now I have to rewrite all I've done in C++...goody.
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Well, it should be quite easy to get my current work up and running with C++. Once I do that, I'll be in a good position to get more done.

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your production speed is crazy... and by that i mean crazemazing; trust me that's a good thing :)

seriously though, keep up the good work; your motivation is inspiring... now if only i could get my AI to work!

good luck on the new game, i'll be eagerly awaiting it

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The good thing about C++ is that you can use all of the already created libraries out there. C# is still very young and the amount of third party libraries is limited....

Can't wait to see your next project!

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Thank you! I suppose I do work pretty fast. Although I probably won't be working as fast with this project as I did with Stompy, simply because there is just alot more programming to do.

One of the reasons I switched back to C++ is because I have so much reusable code already that would speed up the amount of time working on trivial things. It seems with all my built up C++ code, I can jump right in to coding the game.

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