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Sockety stuff

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Evil Steve


Ok, my socket code compiles now. Not only does it compile, but it seems to work correctly with read, write and close handling. I still need to fix the thread load balancing a bit, but that's not too important.
I also need to test my send() code. I tried it via telnet on localhost, and I was able to send 64MB in one send() call without blocking. Uhh... What? So I'll try it over my LAN at some point and see if that works better - I expect it to send a few K, then return saying it'd block, then I can test my blocking code.
We don't have any wireless at work, so I can't try downloading a file from the web with it or anything, which is a bit annoying.
I'm going to have an early night tonight, so I'm not going to bother playing with it tonight. I might tomorrow afternoon, but we're supposed to be getting another cat (9 months old) from the cat protection league, and we all have to go and meet it before picking it up apparently. And then I have a "date" in the evening. Whee. I might get stuff done on Sunday I suppose.

In other news, Happy 400,000th topic! Us in TA have been watching for it for the past 12 hours [smile] Or we would if it existed anyway. Yeah...
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Congrats on the network code Steve. I'm dreading getting mine designed and implemented, but you have given me some hope.

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