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Vision on visuals..

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Pipo DeClown


[Current Launchbar]
[Current Launchbar]

I thought it was time to update the ugly blown up 32x32 icons in my launchbar with higher res ones. I found a nice green earth Firefox and a bigger Thunderbird icon, and the Windows Live Messenger was a bit hard to find, but it looks awesome. Much better than the old MSN icon. Additionally found a Winamp and made a uTorrent (recreated from another small design) icon. Here are two fresh icons I made:

The print sucks. I know.
I like this one better, but the matte look of the previous is cool too.
Mmmh.. I think this one is too orange. Can't figure how to add some white to it..

Note that I didn't follow the glass/plastic/shiny look (I wanted too at first) the largest fruit company made so puppylar. I like those. I just don't want to make any.
Has anyone seen the Vista look? I think it's good they finally used a dark classy color and not that old dull grey or the eye-burning blue themes, but I'm not into the idea of reflective shines becoming the next gradient.

By the way, my GDNet+ subscription is slowly dying away. I have just about 2 weeks left before they push me off this thrown. Hell, they're pushing me out of HEAVEN! [lol] Perhaps anyone generous enough to keep me in?
Myeah, actually, we humans should not ask for more and be happy with what we're given. I enjoyed my journal, my avatar and tag for as long as I had it. I'll be.. happy. I'll be fine. Perhaps I'll even be.. back.

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Haha, I don't know if I'll be entering. But I could do some artist work for someone.. Just send me a PM! [wink]

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Original post by Pipo DeClown
Haha, I don't know if I'll be entering. But I could do some artist work for someone..
ME! [wink]....

I'm planning a 2D platform game where you run around prostituting yourself to girls in France for money so you can get a train trip back to your home in London. Once the gameplay elements are done and I have something playable, care to help me out with graphics? [smile]

We'll just have to see how the game actually turns out once there is some gameplay.

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Sure.. Since I'm going to get a lot of free time (what's free, when you have a girlfriend?) in the summer, I'll probably be available. I can't promise anything yet. My life is very extraordinary when it comes to.. laziness. Haha!
(No really, I might get a real job in that spare time to get me some bucks...)

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