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So far...

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So far this year has sucked at school.

Anyway here is an update on my coding status, I am almost done with the final script for Gross-Ins Inc. I should be able to start back on my engine soon. Hopefully by this weekend it time permits.

I have also been writing some C++ tutorials for my tutorials page on my website( crxgames.com/kb.php ). I am currently writing a C++ variables tutorial that will be way better than my first one. After it is done I may improve my first C++ tutorial then move onto some more simple math and console stuff.

I have also been teaching my friend C++ so we can code together too. I have also been debating whether to start one of the most advance phpbb mods to exist yet. It would take months to get working, but this mod would cause a new generation in phpbbmodding. Anyway, if you want to find out about it please visit integramod.com and do a search for integramod 2.0.0. That is all I have for now.
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