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I officially got my job offer today, for the flow shift. I'll be working from 05h30-13h00, basically 7 hours a day, probably 5-6 days/week. At $8/hour.

Now, I live with my parents, and have virtually no expenses to speak of (hur hur, sacrifice freedom for financial stability) so I decided to celebrate today by going out and cashing in the savings I had for next semester's books and stuff.

So I bought a DS Lite with a few games -

* New Super Mario Brothers
* Mario Kart DS
* Advance Wars: Dual Strike

And I have to say, the DS has lived up to almost every one of my hopes and dreams. I've only got a couple qualms with it, the first that you can't access the WFC settings outside of a game that uses it (oh, and the fact that there is no WPA support... had to swich my network over to WEP and it still doesn't quite connect), and second that the very top row of pixels on the touchscreen sometimes flashes black in AW:DS during the between-mission dialogue potions (I'm suspecting it has to do with the dialogue taking place on both the top-and-bottom areas, and something going amiss there). I don't think its a hardware problem - haven't noticed it with any other games, though none of the other games rely so heavily on the touchpad (AW:DS uses the top screen for info, the bottom for gameplay).

All in all, its like sex. On wheels.

Granted this means development is coming to a standstill. Additionally, I decided to give up on Moola after extrapolating the probability of "success". Though "success" seems very reasonable given the various techniques (primarily the behavioral analysis), the time required to gather the hundreds/thousands of data points required would not be worth the possible (!) gain. So that's that.

Anyway, I've got the whole night ahead!

I'd love to hear recommendations for further DS purchases. I'm not sure how fast I'll plow through these, depends on whether or not I forsake everything else, but *droooooool*.

EDIT: I think I may have figured out the router problem. DS uses 802.11b. I've got the router set in g-only mode. Lets see if changing that fixes the problem ^_^
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Yeah, I got pretty pissed not being able to use the DS online service because of my internet security. Oh well, New Super Mario Bros. turned out to be incredible, so I didn't really need online.

I thought Sonic Rush was a pretty good game. If not, you could always just wait like me for the DS Zelda game.

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