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Will he ever shut up?!!!

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Trapper Zoid


I decided to test some simple animation, so I drew up another portrait of the Doc and made it into a "talking head". This is only a crude approximation of what I'd be planning on doing in code; the GIF is only about a second long, and I'd like to move the eyebrows and hands around as well; but I can see this picture working alongside a text box. I'm also fairly pleased with the Doctor character now; he's easy to draw and looks fairly nice. I might change a few of the little details, such as colour or the length of the gloves, but overall I think he works. I still have to decide on the best comic drawing style as well.

Given I've been enjoying myself hugely drawing all this images, I've been strongly considering upgrading to a better tablet. I had considered this a few months ago too, but I wanted to wait until both I had finished (and payed!) for my overseas trip and had a bit more experience with the tablet. The one I have now is a Wacom Graphire 3 A6 size (4x5), which is actually very nice as a portable tablet, but can get a bit cramped. However, I am liking the results I get from this tablet more and more as I work with it, so I'm not that sure if I really need a bigger and better tablet. Since it's not something I can buy until I get back home anyway I have time to consider it, but it's a real challenge to know how much a new tablet would help without actually testing one first.
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Your art sort of reminds me of Shmorky's - it's nice and cartoony - I'm looking forward to seeing how it works in a game.

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