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Well, I've been working on my map tonight and it looks pretty decent. So, I figured I'd update you guys as to whats going on so that I could show off my pretty screenshot:

Malathedra, now in 1680x1050 and fullscreen

As for my 4E5 entry? I'm still working on it. I keep flip flopping back and forth between what kind of game it is and its really screwing things up on the tech side. But, on the other hand I have everything but emotion done (I know, I said last time that I had everything but pirates done, but I reworked the story to put pirates in and lost the emotion part somehow.)

When I first started working on Project Asrion about a month ago I was like "sweet, I need this and my engine already has it. SCORE!!!", but I keep running into bigger and bigger problems with a lot of the design. For example, my ResourcePool class is total suck. The sad fact is that I barely even know how to use it and I can up with it myself.

Another problem is that I'm genericizing up the ass. I plan to make at most 3 games with this engine before I start a new one, but for some reason I'm designing and programming it around the idea that "hey, I could use this for this when I make it... and this for this..." For example, I'm designing my UI and I writing down container ideas and was like "ooh, a link label would be great for an FPS, I should put that in there..." Yea, I plan on making RPGs, so FPS controls wouldn't really help.

I spent the night at my brother and sister's house yesterday and I had some free time so I figured I'd work on my UI library. I designed out a style system almost exactly like CSS (you could define a class like 'button' and all buttons would use that style, or you could define a button class, a button.MainMenu, and then a button.CampMenu and choose which one to use), wrote a parser for it, and then filed it away, since I have no use for it at the moment. Evidentally I'm going to have to pay A LOT more attention when I'm designing.

Edit: Oh, and I'm working on my webcomic. I've been working on Malathedra's storyline with Raymond since I got home. It'll probably be up by morning, as long as I can get a decent script done.

Hopefully these authors don't get mad at me for drawing their characters lol. I just drew the main character for 'Least I Could Do.' His name is Rayne, and he's funny as hell. Comments?
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Sorry about that. Its fixed now.

I also posted the new 'episode' of my webcomic. Ok, its more of a 'panel' than an episode, but it's all I could come up with. I promise the next one will be better!

Episode 1: NA Meeting

Edit: And the above episode really happened.

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Damnit. Ok, now both picture links are fixed, the size is right for the second, and it has a background.

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I modified the hair for Episode 1 so that it is visible (it blended right in with the outline before.)

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