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man, the icon list for these posts sucks pretty bad.

i just did the two chapters for peer-to-peer and client-server networking with directplay, out of mdx9 kickstart and did the examples. it was cool to see something working. i got interested in it because i had been playing quite a bit of new super mario bros (versus mode) and was a little sad that i couldn't play against anyone else. only two people i know have a ds (one of them left for the island for a couple of months) and it doesn't do wifi (even though i don't have it) so i'm left with a very limited play base. i was thinking about building a version myself, for private play, of course.. and so i went to my mdx9 book and did some. seems i forgot how aggressive nintendo is about things like that - i'm going to have to drop this idea.

i did get to learn a little bit about it, though. its easy as heck to get basic stuff up and running. knowing what to do with the two models in order to get a successfully working game going is another matter entirely. client-server at its simplest is straightforward, i've had plenty of time to think about how i'd do stuff with it. i've never really thought about any issues with peer-peer though, because i never thought of it as something i'd ever use. oh wells.

figured i'd drop a line about that much. until next time..

[edit: wtf?? apparently dx9 directplay is now depreciated! i dropped a line in #mdxinfo on afternet.org and i guess people've dropped back to sockets. looks like i'm gonna need a book or reference to get things up and running again.]

[edit: this post is a good thing for me to bookmark. done.]
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