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Reimplemented weapons and thing-thing collision(along with the message system), although the weapons code is a complete hack that'll need to be fixed up.

More importantly I added in damaging sectors. It doesn't to the proper amount of damage, but being able to hurt and kill the players has allowed me to work on the AI state machine.

Oh and I added the needed code to make the sky scroll. I tried going with editing the texture coords, but that just messed it up. So I now just draw the sky twice, and just reset it when it goes too far, the same technique I used for the Tile Studio stuff.

It doesn't quite look like the sky did in DooM. It has more detail and it doesn't "bend" when repeating, I always hated that "bending" effect.

I like it, but I can just see those anal DoomWorld users complaining about how it doesn't look like pixel vomit.
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