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My list

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Movies I have never been able to watch all the way through, despite having tried more than once.

1. Catwoman.
2. Pluto Nash.
3. Pirates of the Caribbean.

I did make it all the way through "Batman Begins" despite desperately wanting to change the channel during the "car chase on rooftops" sequence.

edit: 4. Narnia.
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I haven't had the stomach to even start watching Catwoman or Pluto Nash yet. But I quite enjoyed Pirates of the Carribean. And Batman Begins has Michael Caine in it, which makes it bearable [smile].

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If you were a Real Man you could watch all of those movies and will yourself to enjoy them.

But then again according to Microsoft you run a girlie site (62% probability) whereas I run a manly site (60% probability). Pat's old site is slightly manly (52% probability) and his new one is almost as manly is mine (59% probability).

The good news is you're not as girlie has the search term "hot love sauce" which has 73% probability of being girlie. BTW, "9 track data tape in pants" has a 60% probability of being manly.

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#1, #2, agree.

#3, don't understand. I thought it was great.

#4, can't comment, haven't seen it.

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BTW John, do you know when the unrated director's cut of Leonard Part 6 is coming to DVD?

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