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Today I made several fixes and improvements.

Earlier I fixed some issues with the blend meshes that caused the lighting to not match up too well.

Just now I added a knock back effect to getting hit by a weapon. Normally if a sentient entity is on the ground, his velocity just gets set to his desiredvelocity. Once you take damage, however, this ability goes away for a bit ( 300 msecs right now ), and you get the velocity of the impact instead. If you then hit a wall at a high rate of speed, you may take damage from that as well.

It really gives a nice sense of damage when you are hit with the hand cannon, and are knocked back ~2 meters by a direct hit.

Also, the temporary loss of character control is a surprisingly strong disincentive to getting hit. If you are trying to aim, especially while moving, it throws off your aim. Definitely makes the game significantly harder. Time to reduce the enemy->player damage again... :)

Here is a shot of me falling to my death into the now sandy pool in the Dreaming Chasm.

Oh, we also have a working menu system, including splash screens as well as per-level intro screens.
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You know, your screenshots at this point are so beautiful that eventually I'm going to stop complimenting them and just hurl obscenities at you for being so superior to my game. [crying]

I want to go swimming in the lake though! It looks so inviting.

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Sweet jesus. The fog on the mountain, the subtle bloom, the fresnel term...it's so beautiful.

That is an amazing screenshot man. Great work Simmaaaa'

That water does look tasty....but why no reflections from this high up? I thought you had EBM/reflections on your water? Either way it looks fantastic...keep up the good work.

- Dan

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Have I mentioned yet how flippin' awesome your game engine is looking in your journal yet? Those screenshots are amazingly impressive.

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Glad you guys are diggin' it.

I decided not to do real reflections b/c of the potential for huge speed hits. Most outdoor engines ( and even indoor/outdoor ones like HL2 ) don't do real shadows, so it's fairly cheap to render part of the scene twice.

AG actually does the whole real shadow thing, and I didn't want to have to do so much extra rendering. In this particular case, there's only the sunlight, so it wouldn't be too bad...but now I'm trying to button it up and ship it! ;)

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