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Entry made and some screens

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Mike Bossy


Well I've made the jump and entered my current game into the Intel multi-threading competition. The entry form asked for features that are only going to be available when running on a multi-core system and I had to answer none. I don't really have time to add any new flashy features that turn on when run on a multi-core system so I guess i will get a score of 0 on that front. The other haf of the scoring is around how much faster your framerate goes on a multi-core system. I haven't tested this yet but hopefully this is where I'll shine. Since I am totally CPU bound on things the dual core should really come in handy. Once again I didn't enter to win. I entered for the experience and basically a forcing factor to keep me in line. :) As such I've been working on integrating some of the new art into the game and have some shots of my new look UI.

The first two are shots of my main menu screen which can have different backrgounds everytime you start. There are some flashy objects flying around in the background to add some flair.

The third shot is of my level select screen. It's not complete but imagine thumbnails of the levels laid over the four squares on the screen.

The final shot is of the difficulty select screen.

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The artwork looks really good, and adds a more professional feel to the screen shots. Great work!

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