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My last post here was back in January, so I thought I'd better post something. Since last time I completed writing a Deferred Shading Engine. After which I decided that I couldnt develop it any further, it made a good learning experience.

I'm currently spending a little bit of time per week writing a new engine. I have modularised it so much that I can remove any component (sound, video etc.) and it will still run without any other code changes. Each module contains its own message queue and any module can send messages to any other module via the kernel. Although this is only used occasionally at the moment, it could be useful tool in future.

Alongside this I am taking part in a commercial venture with a friend (i cant release details at the moment) and I'm also developing a method of streaming video from ANY webserver to any javascript enabled browser, which is still in the preliminary testing phase but should be an exciting utility if I get it to work :D

Also I am now part of the team developing content for Nehe. I'm very busy at the moment :D

I hope to post some interesting news soon,

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