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The game, The Olympics and The paradoxon

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Gosh... already Wednesday...

Yesterday I did a final clean up on "THE GAME", as I'll call it until it has been published. Had a bug fix to do where the game exited when the last level has been played... doh... stupid thing... I also included a small snippet of code that checks the consistency of some files and doesn't allow the player to start the game if those files have been altered. Works quite well... I think I might include this in my baselib...

I had some plumbery to do, too. Have changed the water tab in the bathroom since the automatic temperature trigger didn't work anymore. Damn thing. Did cost ~$100 to replace it.

As in Athen, the kindergarden, where my 3 year old daughter goes to, is doing some kind of Olympics. Monday they painted the rings and made some medals. Yesterday they made some fun sport games such as "how many small buckets of sand can you carry from here to there".

I don't know how good my daughter was at that sport but I'm definitely sure that she's gonna get a medal today : "Tricycle Race". She's an absolute pro on the Tricycle. When she paces through the house without looking out for our feet, she manages to "slide" the back of her tricycle to make an eager curve around the tables and chairs. I'm a bit sorry that I cannot attend her race today :(

At the company I still have some research to do for the new update thingy they want to have here. As I told you yesterday, I would like to use some kind of database (client/server) structure which would resolve all our problems. I can even keep it compatible with the current way of doing things. I had a small chat about it with my project manager but he came up with all arguments why clients would not like this or that solution. If they keep up with those, the problem we currently have will not be solvable. It's not possible to make the system 100% fool proof without installing some kind of verification software somewhere.

Sometimes the arguments bite their own tail :

- Clients will not install any software we give them because they want to keep it as flat as possible.
- We can install a service that parses a directory and does some updates to some kind of management file.

Well... I think you see what I see : Clients will not install any software we give them, but we will have a service (software) that will parse a dir and ... hmmm... I'll see how they manage to do that without installing a software.
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