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Well, we found a few bugs in Quill yesterday and today.

The first involves the filename of the height map/splat map. I was removing the working directory from it, but I was forgetting the leading slash. That was fixed pretty easily.

The second was drag-selection linking. I was constructing my rectangle incorrectly, so dragging from top-right to bottom-left didn't work, but dragging from bottom-right to top-left did. It was pretty annoying, so I fixed that right away.

I also added the Ctrl + S save shortcut. Now I need to modify it so that it only shows the box once. And then I need to add a 'Save As' menu option.

Another thing I added was the ability to switch nodes and links on and off (just for rendering.) I'm thinking of changing this to just links, since not having nodes visible might throw some people off ("OMFG, I can't see my nodes or add nodes.")

I also finished my map for the most part. Some tweaking will need to be done once Raymond has done the graphic overlays, but other than that it's complete.

That's it so far. I'll be up for another 3.5 hours, so we'll see what happens between now and then (probably not much [wink].)
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