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Today I made some improvements to the damage knock-back system. Earlier today, it was possible to slide all the way down the mountainside just by being hit by one hand cannon shot. Now it's not that powerful.

I also tweaked the camera. Before, aiming too low made your char's head get in the way of the aim. Now the camera moves above and the char to give a direct line of sight.

I also added a couple of plants. I wanted to do interactive skinned leaves, etc. but figured static plants are 1000% better than nothing, so I just put them in as non-interactive entities. So far, so good.

I also tweaked the damage from falling code so that it only kicks in when your player's average velocity gets above 3 m/s vertically - so it detects falls, but not other types of impulses. This and the other control changes also had a nice side-effect : if you're moving forward when you land, your guy will take a step forward before coming to a stop.

Here is a shot of a nice static plant...

Here is me fighting a cultist up on ledge...

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